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d o w n l o a d    products data  :    C D P - 7 0 7          C D P - 6 0 3         D i g i d r i v e T L - 3       Z A X - 7 0     DOT-BIT PURE DSD-DAC        Z X T - 7 0


A L L    P R O D U C T S    D A T A   C L I C K    H E R E

 distribution for Poland :  [email protected] - telephone : + 48 797 555 480


 Z U M - H   all new hybrid headphones amplifier , tube + mosfet 

Z X T -7 0    hybrid integrated amplifier, tube +  mosfet

all  new  and  original  technology by Lector strumenti audio : Grounding box !

 distribution for Poland :  [email protected] - telephone : + 48 797 555 480



N E W S 

Hi-Fi Advice audio web magazine test: CDP-707 and Digicode S-192+Digidrive TL-III

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All new hybrid headphones amplifier,mosfet output pure class A, double triode tube driver, no feedback:   ZUM-H  < (click download)

From  the  inventor  of  Hybrid  integrated  amplifier  technology (tube+mosfet)  new  Z X T - 7 0  < (click download)

native DOT-BIT direct PURE DSD-DAC without chip-dac, DSD 512 drive by DSL-1 modulator

Visit our page report at Hi-end 2014 Munich

Award winner ZOR preamplifier from Image hifi magazine (Germany)


Award for

Digidrive TL-II &

Digicode 2.24

Award win for


Golden ear CDP-7 MKIII

The Absolute Sound

Harry Pearson


The Phono Amp System

The Phono Amp System

CDP-06 CD-Player

Soundstage test



Image hi-fi (DE) award for ZOR preamplifier




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